Bentone DE

  1. Phosphonic acid
  2. CAS 3794-83-0

BENTONE DE additive is a highly beneficiated, hyperdispersible powdered hectorite clay. A key advantage of BENTONE DE is the ability to make relatively high concentration pregels quickly and easily – up to 14% BENTONE DE – and still result in a pourable pregel.

Available in:
  • Bag
Bentone DE
  1. Phosphonic acid
  2. CAS 3794-83-0

Product details of Bentone DE

Phosphonic acid(1-hydroxyethylidine) bis-Tetrasodium salt
  1. Milky-white, soft powder

CAS number



  1. Architectural (Deco) Latex Paints
  2. Inks
  3. Maintenance Coatings

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