Barium Carbonate

  1. Witherite
  2. CAS 513-77-9
  3. Molar Weight 197.335g/mol
  4. Chemical formula BaCO3

Widely used in the ceramics industry as an ingredient in glazes, it acts as a flux to produce unique colours not easily attainable by other means. In the brick, earthenware and pottery industries it is added to cause efflorescence.

Available in:
  • Bag
  • Box
Barium Carbonate
  1. Witherite
  2. CAS 513-77-9
  3. Chemical formula BaCO3
  4. Molar Weight 197.335g/mol

Product details of Barium Carbonate

  1. Purified
  2. Clean
  3. Technical
  1. Granular
  2. Powder
  1. White crystals

Chemical formula


CAS number



Molar Weight


Specific Gravity


Boiling Point

1.360 °C

Melting Point

811 °C


  1. Building / construction materials
  2. Detergent alcohol
  3. Paints and coatings
  4. Tire adhesion
  5. Bonding agent

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