Calcium Hydroxide

Product description

The most significant application of calcium hydroxide is in water and waste water treatment. It is widely used in the food industry to clarify raw juice from sugarcane, in processing water for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, to pickle cucumbers and other foods and to fortify fruit drinks.

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Cal HydrateHydrated LimeLimeLime SlurryMilk of Lime Slacked LimeHydrated Lime Slurry


  • Bag
  • Big bag
  • Bulk
  • IBC

Physical forms

  • White to Grayish White Powder


Chemical FormulaCa(OH)2
CAS Number1305-62-0
PackagingBag, Big Bag, Bulk, IBC
Physical FormWhite to Grayish White Powder, Solution form

Key applications

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Fungicide
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Beverage Processing

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