Oil & Gas

Peter BartlBusiness Manager

Brenntag provides you with the optimal solutions for energy production and supply in all sectors of the Oil & Gas industry. Our dedicated team of technicians & sales experts have the knowledge and resources to create the best possible solution to your business challenges.

Technology, Services and Expertise

Regardless of the sector, whether it's upstream, midstream or downstream, Brenntag has state-of-art technology and expertise to tackle your requests. To deliver the best value, we can offer you customised formulation services carried out in our oil & gas facilities, technical workshops on your site and any other expert assistance you need to make your product an ultimate success.

Oil & Gas Range Of Products

We have a wide range of chemistry for effective energy production. Our portfolio includes a diverse set of products in the following groups:

  1. Drilling Fluid Chemicals
  2. Well Service Chemicals
  3. Midstream Chemicals (Corrosion Inhibitors, Foaming Agents)
  4. Downstream Chemicals (Sulphiding Agent & Injection Services)
  5. Specialty Amines for Gas Treating, Adsorbents for Purification Processes, Bed Support
  6. Media-Molecular sieves, heat transfer fluids, chlorinated solvents for catalyst activation
  7. Complete Industrial Chemicals Portfolio (Inorganics, Solvents, Oxidisers)

Why Brenntag Oil & Gas?

We offer a wide range of services from customized drilling products to fresh ideas reducing your supply-chain costs. Using our global network of suppliers, we source the top raw materials to best suit your business needs.

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