Keith HallTechnical Development Manager

Brenntag provides you with the cutting-edge products to a wide range of everyday applications from household to medical. The team is unrivalled in the thermoplastics industry for its dedication and expertise, and our team fully leverages its passion and technical know-how of polymers to benefit of our customers.

Supplying Products, Ideas and Advice

As experts in thermoplastics and polymers, we supply not only materials for your future products, but also ideas and advice to make them perform better and always comply with the strictest industry standards (REACH, the Biocidal Products Regulation, and other EU and national regulations). Our team will gladly guide you in the product journey from the selection of ingredients to complex product concepts.

Polymer Range Of Products

As customer, you can choose from a wide range of additives, modifiers, process aids, colours and specialist polymers for your needs. Our comprehensive portfolio includes main areas such as:

  1. Standard Polymers
  2. High Performance Polymers
  3. Engineering Poymers
  4. Additives (Antioxidants, UV Stabilizers, Pigments, Flame Retardants and others)

Why Brenntag Polymers?

Brenntag Polymers’ entrepreneurial culture is complemented by a collaborative, team-oriented approach to our business. We understand that teamwork across all of our offices in Europe, when paired with our unparalleled technical expertise, is the best way to exceed our partners’ expectations. Brenntag Polymers strives to join forces with customers to share our knowledge and build these business relationships into true partnerships.

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