Recreational water

Damian ToddBusiness Manager, Recreational Water, UK & Ireland

Brenntag Recreational water supplies you with innovative solutions for safe and efficient water treatment in all recreational segments: from commercial to retail.

Optimal solutions for all customers

As water treatment experts in the leisure industry, we are experienced in serving a borad spectrum of customers, amongst them are health clubs, schools, public swimming pools, hotels, holiday and adventure parks. So we can always offer you products to serve your needs. We help you ensure your visitors get the best possible experience and feel confident about the water cleanness and safety.

Recreational Water Range Of Products

You can choose from a wide range of products such as sanitisers, water balancing chemicals and pool water testing equipment. Our ability to offer a number of choices on product storage and chemical dosing means that our customers can be guarenteed solutions which meet the everyday demands of running a busy pool or spa.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

  1. Algicides
  2. Flocculants & Clarifiers
  3. Cleaners
  4. Sanitisers
  5. Water balancers
  6. Pool chemicals
  7. Spa and Pool maintenance

Why Recreational water?

We have years of problem-solving in leisure water treatment and anticipate the issues you might face. We adopt a solution-based approach, always looking for the best possible option for your business. And we always verify the products meet all the industry guidelines and safety policies. As members of SPATA, BISHTA and the STA, we are keen to ensure that our customers are made aware of changes within the leisure industry that may impact your business.

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