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Brenntag supplies you with solvent products for a broad range of industries from paints to pharma. Our dedicated team remains up-to-date when it comes to new developments, so we can provide you with the most modern and optimal solution to your business needs.

Brenntag Facilities & Industries Served

We offer extensive laboratory and blending facilities, on-site technical advice & support, provision of operator training and workshops, advice on legislation such as REACH and the Biocidal Products Regulation, coupled with a comprehensive product portfolio and worldwide sourcing capabilities covering the following industries:

  1. Chemical Intermediates (keytone based products & glycols)
  2. Cosmetics & Personal Care (white oils, propylene glycol, iso propanol)
  3. Food & Flavouring (ethanol, FDA approved acetates & glycols)
  4. Paints & Coatings (hydrocarbons, white spirtis, & acetates)
  5. Pharmaceuticals (aceteone, hexane, methanol, toluene)
  6. Printing, Flexible Packaging & Ink Manufacturing
  7. Water Treatment

Solvents Range Of Products

As a customer, you can choose from a wide range of commodity and specialized solvents as well as solvent-based products. We are always up to date making sure all products are compliant with the latest industry regulations. Our comprehensive portfolio includes the following:

  1. Hydrocarbon Solvents
  2. Alcohols
  3. Ketones
  4. Aldehydes
  5. Glycol Ethers
  6. Esters
  7. Glycol Ether Esters
  8. Halogenated Solvents

Why Brenntag Solvents?

Using our extensive sales and logistics network, we strive to offer you the finest products and services at all times. That is why we always stay up-to-date, actively looking for to the latest trends and developments in solvent production and exploring our sourcing capabilities.

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