Barium Sulphate

  1. Acrybaryte
  2. CAS 7727-43-7
  3. Molar Weight 233.38 g/mol
  4. Chemical formula BaSO4

While mainly consumed as a component of oil well drilling fluid, it is also is used as a component of white pigment for paints. Another field where it is frequently used is medically, where it acts as an agent for X-ray imaging and other diagnostic procedures.

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Barium Sulphate
  1. Acrybaryte
  2. CAS 7727-43-7
  3. Chemical formula BaSO4
  4. Molar Weight 233.38 g/mol

Product details of Barium Sulphate

AcrybaryteArtificial BariteArtificial Heavy SparBakontal BaridolBarium Sulphate PrecipitatedBarium SulfateBarosperseBlanc FixBlanc FixePermanent WhitePrecipitated Barium Sulphate
  1. Technical
  2. Extra Pure
  1. Powder
  1. White crystalline solid

Chemical formula


CAS number


Molar Weight

233.38 g/mol

Specific Gravity



  1. Adhesives
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Drilling Fluids
  4. Floor Coverings
  5. Oil Well Drilling fluid
  6. Paint & Coatings
  7. Paper
  8. Pharmaceuticals

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