Calcium Oxide

  1. Quicklime
  2. CAS 1305-78-8
  3. Molar Weight 56,0774 g/mol
  4. Chemical formula CaO

Calcium oxide is widely used in agricultural, food, pharmaceutical, and oil industries. It is a key ingredient to produce insecticides and fertilizers in agricultural industry. Calcium oxide is a clay stabilizer in drilling, and it is used to product glass and industrial cements. It is also used as flame retardant and heating agent.

Calcium Oxide
  1. Quicklime
  2. CAS 1305-78-8
  3. Chemical formula CaO
  4. Molar Weight 56,0774 g/mol

Product details of Calcium Oxide

QuicklimeBurnt limeCalciaCalxylGebrannter kalkUnslaked limeCalcium monoxide
  1. White Powder and chunks

Chemical formula


CAS number


Flash point

2.572 °C

Molar Weight

56,0774 g/mol

Specific Gravity


Boiling Point

2.850 °C

Melting Point

2.572 °C


  1. Agricultural
  2. Food and nutrition
  3. Pharma
  4. Battery Manufacturing

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