Copper Sulphate

  1. Cupric Sulphate
  2. CAS 7758-98-7
  3. Molar Weight 159.609 g/mol
  4. Chemical formula CuSO4

Primarily used for agricultural purposes such as pesticide, germicide, feed additive, and soil additive. Some of its secondary uses are as a raw material in the preparation of other copper compounds, as a reagent in analytic chemistry, an electrolyte for batteries and electroplating baths, and in medical practice as a locally applied fungicide, bactericide, and astringent.

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Copper Sulphate
  1. Cupric Sulphate
  2. CAS 7758-98-7
  3. Chemical formula CuSO4
  4. Molar Weight 159.609 g/mol

Product details of Copper Sulphate

Cupric Sulphate Blue Vitriol (pentahydrate)Bluestone (pentahydrate)Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate Copper Sulphate Heptahydrate Copper Sulphate Trihydrate
  1. Pharma
  2. EP
  3. Feed grade
  1. Pentahydrate
  2. 25%
  3. 15%
  4. 10%
  1. Powder
  2. Crystal
  3. Fine crystal
  4. Solution

Chemical formula


CAS number





Molar Weight

159.609 g/mol


  1. Agricultural chemicals
  2. Electrical and electronic products
  3. Paints and coatings
  4. Plastic and rubber
  5. Water treatment
  6. Zinc ore / mining

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