Formic Acid

  1. Methanoic acid
  2. CAS 64-18-6
  3. Molar Weight 46.025g/mol
  4. Chemical formula CH2O2

A major use of formic acid is as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed. It is also significantly used in the production of leather, including tanning, and in dyeing and finishing textiles.

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Formic Acid
  1. Methanoic acid
  2. CAS 64-18-6
  3. Chemical formula CH2O2
  4. Molar Weight 46.025g/mol

Product details of Formic Acid

Methanoic acidCarbonous acidFormylic acidHydrogen carboxylic acidHydroxy(oxo)methaneMetacarbonoic acidOxocarbinic acidOxomethanol
  1. 99-100%
  2. 85%
  3. 72-75%
  4. 50%
  5. 20-30%
  6. 15%
  7. 5%
  1. Colourless liquid
  2. Penetrating odour

Chemical formula


CAS number


Flash point


Molar Weight



  1. Adhesives and sealants
  2. Agriculture chemicals
  3. Paint additives
  4. Apparel and footwear care products
  5. Electrical and electronic products
  6. Fabric, textile and leather products
  7. Paper products

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