Hexylene Glycol

  1. HGL
  2. CAS 107-41-5
  3. Molar Weight 118.176g/mol
  4. Chemical formula C6H14O2

Hexylene glycol is widely used in the paint & coating industry as a component for lacquers, varnishes, printing inks and paints. It is also used in pesticide formulation, and as a component in cosmetics for fragrances, bath, hair, and soap preparations.

Available in:
  • Drum
Hexylene Glycol
  1. HGL
  2. CAS 107-41-5
  3. Chemical formula C6H14O2
  4. Molar Weight 118.176g/mol

Product details of Hexylene Glycol

HGL2-methylpentane-24 - Methyl - 2, 4 - Pentanediol
  1. Clear colourless liquid

Chemical formula


CAS number


Molar Weight



  1. Cosmetics
  2. Detergents
  3. Emulsifier
  4. Fertilizer
  5. Fragrances
  6. Lubricant
  7. Solvent
  8. Agricultural chemicals
  9. Brake fluid
  10. Coupling agent
  11. Flame retardant
  12. Fuel additive
  13. Hair care
  14. Ink solvent
  15. Paint solvent
  16. Skin care products

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