Potassium Chloride

  1. Sylvite
  2. CAS 7447-40-7
  3. Molar Weight 74,5513 g/mol
  4. Chemical formula KCl

Potassium chloride (KCI) is a white crystal or crystalline powder metal halide salt composed of potassium and chloride. The solid odourless, white, or colourless vitreous crystals readily dissolve in water. Its solutions have a salt-like taste. Potassium chloride is a naturally occurring mineral that is sometimes added to pet foods as a potassium supplement.

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Potassium Chloride
  1. Sylvite
  2. CAS 7447-40-7
  3. Chemical formula KCl
  4. Molar Weight 74,5513 g/mol

Product details of Potassium Chloride

Sylvite Muriate of Potash
  1. Technical
  2. Feed
  3. Food
  4. Pharma
  5. PA Grade
  1. Crystals
  2. Powder
  1. White crystal or crystalline powder

Chemical formula


CAS number


Flash point


Molar Weight

74,5513 g/mol

Specific Gravity


Boiling Point

1,420 °C


  1. Food and nutrition
  2. Food additive
  3. Agricultural products

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