Sodium Nitrate

  1. Nitrous acid
  2. CAS 7631-99-4
  3. Molar Weight 84.9947 g/mol
  4. Chemical formula NaNO3

Sodium Nitrate is used as a food additive (preservative) and color fixative in cured meats and poultry. IT also has a role in fertiliser production for the agricultural industry. Also used in wastewater applications where consuming the nitrate in preference to oxygen, enabling water treatment.

Available in:
  • Bag
  • Big bag
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  • IBC
Sodium Nitrate
  1. Nitrous acid
  2. CAS 7631-99-4
  3. Chemical formula NaNO3
  4. Molar Weight 84.9947 g/mol

Product details of Sodium Nitrate

Nitrous acidSodium salt
  1. Industrial
  2. Technical
  3. Food Grade
  1. Treated
  2. Untreated
  3. Free Flowing
  4. Anti-caking
  5. 20% - 40% Solutions (more available)
  1. Powder
  2. Crystal
  3. Solution
  4. Yellowish white crystalline solid

Chemical formula


CAS number


Molar Weight

84.9947 g/mol


  1. Construction
  2. Food additive
  3. Adhesives and sealants
  4. Water treatment
  5. Cleaning and furnishing care products
  6. Agricultural products
  7. Metal products

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