Acetic Acid

Product description

Acetic acid is primarily used as a raw material for the manufacture of vinyl acetate (VAM). It is used as a reaction promoter in terephthalic acid production and is also a raw material for cellulose acetate, acetate esters, acetic anhydride, chloroacetic acid and a wide range of industrial synthesis. Also interesting is in the most common form, vinegar, contains about 6% of the acid making this a unique ingredient used heavily in chemical processing and in every day life.

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Ethanoic acidMethane Carboxylic acid.E 260


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Physical forms

  • Clear colourless liquid


Chemical FormulaC2H4O2
Variations10% 25% 50% 60% 80% 99% (glacial)
GradesFG, EP, USP, JP, Potable Water

Key applications

  • Adhesives and Sealant Chemicals
  • Absorbents
  • Agricultural Chemicals (non-pesticide)
  • Dyes
  • Finishing Agents
  • Food Applications (acidulant, preservative)

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