Ammonium Chloride

Product description

Its principal use is in nitrogen supply in fertilizers and as an electrolyte in dry cells, and it is also extensively employed as a constituent of galvanizing, tinning, and soldering fluxes to remove oxide coatings from metals and thereby improve the adhesion of the solders. It is a component of many proprietary cold medicines and cough remedies because of its efficacy as an expectorant.

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Ammonium Muriate Muriate of Ammonia Salmiac Amchlor


  • Bag
  • Can
  • Drum
  • IBC

Physical forms

  • White solid, hygroscopic


Chemical FormulaClH4N
GradesFood, Feed, FCC, Pharma
VariationsCrystal, Powder, Solutions (20%, 23%, 25%)

Key applications

  • Medicine
  • Fertilizers
  • Cosmetics
  • Dry Cell Batteries
  • Electroplating
  • Oil Well Completion Fluids
  • Refining Noble Metals

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